On the services side, we offer development of high-yield processes & supply of recombinant proteins & peptides in high purities & potency.

The capabilities encompasses:

  • Developing high cell-density fermentation

  • Isolation of both intracellular and excretory proteins

  • Purification through combination of filtration, centrifugation and chromatography steps and their scaleup

  • Developing efficient processes for removal of endotoxins and cellular components such as host cell proteins & DNA

  • Analysis & characterization of proteins with biochemical assays, HPLC, immuno-assays & cell-based assays

  • cGMP-compliant quality systems and facility controls through biometrics controls and BMS

We have successfully executed contract development projects for process scaleup & clinical supplies of biologicals, taking care of all regulatory requirements and cGMP principles.  Levim’s facilities holds manufacturing license from central & state regulatory authorities and also audited periodically by customers, who are amongst the top pharmaceutical companies in India.

With our experienced bioprocess team and audited cGMP facilities, you can be rest assured of your project being handled expeditiously and in capable hands.