Apply for HR Executive Job

Job Summary

This position is for coordination on organization development activities in a 50+ group of personnel involved in biotech research & manufacturing. Job focus will be to support an appointed HR specialist to observe & facilitate employee development activities, implement initiatives for organization development towards an open & productive work culture.

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Improve organization work flow by understanding of current processes, systems, communication modes and behavioural factors to identify key areas for improving throughput
  • Work with functional heads in helping them meet committed areas of improvement and having employees deliver to their highest potential
  • Coordinate with external HR specialist consultant to facilitate discussions on relevant topics, observe behaviours & report on organization climate
  • Communicate at all levels of organization both in written & oral form, design framework & formats as guided for new processes / system & follow-up to ensure its implementation

Key Skills:

Excellent communication skills in both oral & written form, reasonable understanding of behavioural traits and ability to organize data / idea into usable formats.

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